The Drummer and the Drummer Lite are two open source networked digital musical interfaces that allow multiple users to design and play a drum kit.

How It works

The system is based on client-server architecture over a wireless network; every client runs on a Nintendo DS  -one of the most popular wireless handheld game devices with touch-screen functionality- while the server computer handles the clients’ requests and plays matching drum sounds.

What you can do with it

Each user can take advantage of this small and intuitive pen-based device in order to create or customize a drum kit, and then perform together with other users simply by tapping and sliding the pen on the screen.


Drummer and Drummer Lite © Andrea Bianchi, 2010


Binaries + Source

Paper (NIME 09)


Binaries + Source

System Requirements. Mac OS X or Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, Java 1.5 or Processing 1.0, a WIFI enabled computer and (optionally) a router. Drummer (differently from the Lite version) needs also a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Logic or Cubase.

Developed by Andrea Bianchi and Woon Seung Yeo.

Drummer LiteDrummer_Lite.html

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