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  1. 1.Should I go for the Drummer or the Drummer Lite?

If you want to use the Drummer as an alternative interface to record audio on a DAW, then you should go for the Drummer. If you simply want to enjoy jamming with friends or on your own, you might prefer to use the Lite version.

  1. 2.In what the Drummer and the Drummer Lite are different?

Substantially they are very similar, in fact the Nintendo DS code is the same for both versions. However, the Lite version works without a DAW so no MIDI communication is made through the server. The server receives messages from the Nintendo DS and directly transform them in sounds by playing simple audio files (wav files that users can change).

3. I have problems using Drummer with my PC (Windows XP): I hear strange sounds when playing. What should I do?

If you think that the Lite version could be alright for your needs, then shift to that one and you should not have any problem.

If you really need to use the Drummer, then you are mostly on your own and you should try to recompile the Java code. We don’t recommend it if you are not an experienced users or don’t know what you are doing. Substantially it is a MIDI connection problem and it depends on the MIDI library used. We used proMidi. Discussion about this goes beyond the scope of this project.

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